A common thread in any coaching relationship with May Consulting Partners is to bring clarity to the issue and develop a plan of action for tackling it. To borrow a metaphor from agriculture, coaching is about selecting the seed, understanding the environment in which it is planted, assessing its early growth, providing the nutrients needed for further development, measuring progress, pruning or grafting where necessary, addressing obstacles and challenges in the environment, and harvesting the fruits.

Executive Coaching

Those in leadership roles often need a thinking partner for support and guidance and added perspective when dealing with complex issues. Coaching is not intended as a way for making wholesale changes in one’s character or personality, but strengthen the client to be a stronger person in their executive roles.

Needs Assessment

The benefits of using assessment tools include the ability to recognize one’s typical behavior when under stress, increased understanding and empathy for co-workers, improved team work and collaboration, ability to better manage conflict, higher levels of trust and communication, increased adaptability and flexibility, identification of strengths and weaknesses, better performance and productivity.

Leadership Coaching

We all need help getting perspective. It’s not easy to evaluate ourselves, which is why there is value in having a thought partner bring perspective to our internal conversations. Leadership coaching is a personal development process designed to enhance a leader’s success in his or her professional objectives within an organization or individual values and goals. May Consulting Partners coaches people to lead well in all aspects of life.

Leadership Team Process

May Consulting Partners create greater organizational leverage by blending individual coaching and group coaching. This process takes advantage of facilitation and learning, and accelerates the impact through individual coaching. Whether starting in the group or as an individual, there is more room to work with when we move to the other coaching setting.